Untisor - Little butter

UPDATE 16.03.2010
Unti - Little Butter has finally arrived in her new home, in the Netherlands. She is one of the luckiest dogs we have ever met, as the person who adopted her, Hanneke, is a very kind and loving person, who already gives lots of love and support for Unti, to forget all the bad memories she has from Romania. Here, thanks to Hanneke, she will  finally have a normal life despite her handicap.







Untisor will be soon adopted by  Hanneke from The Netherlands.

"From the the ditch where I'm lying in, the road seems to go nowhere. I don't know where I come from, nor where I'll go, I only know that I can not move and the pain overwhelms me.
The legs do not listen to me and it will be dark outside soon. I wish I'll cry for help, but I'm afraid no one can hear me, the cars noise if too loud.

But look, a car stopped! Maybe that girl saw me...... Yes, she comes to me!
What? Are we going to see a doctor? I am going to get  well? I will have a house someday and friends to take care of myself and to play with??
Oh my god! Is this for real?"

My name is Untisor (little butter) and this was my story. A story that repeats sadly, everyday, on the roads of Romania. After the accident I had three broken legs. But now I'm ok, I can run and play, even if I can not use a my front leg anymore. I am so happy to be alive and still use my other 3 legs that I have promised myself to ignore my small handicap. I am a survivor and I promise to enjoy live, give love and happiness to everybody.  
Only the promise that someday I will have a house was not yet fulfilled.
But I'm a good girl and I have patience. I know someone is there, looking for me".

She comes from the roadside. She was found lying on the ground, hit by car, paralyzed.
After almost two months she regained almost the entire mobility. And even if this little one seems to walk like a bunny we think we have to appreciate the tremendous progress she has made.
Front right leg will never be used because of the nerve damage.

Untisor is searching for a house. Now, you know what "disadvantages" presents.
What "benefits" do you get? Lower fuel consumption, minimum required residential space, reduced noise pollution.
Bonus: a fluffy face and a big heart.