•  June 2010 - Two Special needs dogs

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Meet Willy,
a sweet 4 year old dog saved from the horrible life he once had.

Willy was saved from his cruel owner who used to beat him cruelly  (he was once thrown in the brick wall by this "human" , if we can call him this way, that we could hear him cry and we were sure he was in a lot of pain).
This is why  this sweet dog was named Willy (from the movie Free Willy ).
Willy is now living in a small paddock.
Despite the horrible life he once had , this dog is very sweet and not at all aggressive and we don't know how and why but he is still very happy when he is around people.
Willy is waiting for someone who can give him the life that he deserves! This sweet dog has a lot to offer and he will be grateful for life. Give Willy a chance !